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Parhelion is a projection environment sited at Villa Montalvo’s Love Temple during the Starry Starry Night program. Realtime images of the Sun from satellite observatories are cast on the ceiling of the temple structure providing a low and ambient light near and around the structure.. This video installation allows visitors to do the extraordinary: stare into the intricacies of the Sun throughout the night.

Parhelion is a collaborative production. Team members: Thomas Asmuth: lead, video, and logistics. Sarah Lowe: materials and installation. Ethan Miller: code. James Morgan: telemetry. Wayne and Rebecca Madsen: code.

Mark VI

This is the sixth version of a prototype particle detector I have built over a period of 2 years. I see Mark VI and its’ kindred are a continued metaphor on the themes of the nature of reality. Whereas painting is an extension of the illusory reality like the shadows in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, these projects allow visual evidence of reality that intersects our lives constantly yet lies beneath the usual visual perception.