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Solar Singers Return

I was awarded a Scholarly and Creative Activities seed grant of $2000 to support the production of up to 300 autonomous units that I talked about in my research in a post from 2010.We will be able to produce a wide number and range of these units which would are stable enough to withstand normal climate changes. I want to install the work in outdoor locations for extended periods of time.  The grant is going to really help with the costs of this project; I am most excited about hiring research assistants from my advanced students.

I wasn’t sure why I wanted to install these in the natural setting until I had a few more experiences living with the work. I was living amongst a limited number (ten or so) of the autonomous singers and I began to notice some interesting phenomena.

The song from ten of these units was really complex. It shifts through alignment and interference of the signals and create a complex set of rhythms. An electronic musician was visiting the studio one night and we had a very interesting discussion about the how work exhibits the basics of emergence theory . My second observation is that throughout the day the chirps emitted change as the angle of the sun/shade, clouds, etc. would move by. This emergent chorus shifts with the environment; the changes create a soundscape that is directly tracking the movement of time and really resonated on physical level. It is an ecosystem of input and response emerging. It is very strange and wondrous, you can feel this deeply and intuitively.

Maelstrom Accord

Maelstorm Accord, 2010 is a new project by Third Faction to create a mixed realities aid events.
embroidered patch example of reward for participant in Maelstrom Accord

The proposed installation is a complex set of props and actors a la trade fair exposition stationed with players of the Maelstrom Accord. These agents will recruit new WoW players and distribute propaganda, quests, and achievement / trinkets as rewards for completing humanitarian deeds. Work stations in the installation will allow new and returning recruits to carry out mixed reality questing. Methodologies from passive resistance to anarchical actions in game will be coupled with real world forums about liberty and tied to charitable causes positioning the player as a multi-dimensional agent of change.

personal exchange: a social investment proposal

personal exchange: a social investment proposal is an interventionist performance that proposes a artist funding vehicle based off the dire need for organ donors. visitors schedule appointments for a consultation to explore if they would be willing to donate their organs/body to transplant in exchange for stock and liquid capital.

the black market for transplants is extermely profitable and widespread; it would take very little to establish a legal means to solve the shortage of donors and reward those who make the commitment. the subtext of this imagined corporate entity: what if you could find personal financial security by doing the morally right thing?

This project, the Artist Donor Alliance (ADA), is interested in satisfying a desire held by myself and many of my contemporaries. This is the desire to do what is right and have it economically reward you.

The mission is to foster the community of artists both financially and morally through the legitimate methods of the economy.

The proposal is to use a balance of scientific realism, humanist understanding, and socially responsible action in order to benefit both humanity-at-large and the artist in the capitalist society. The methods of ADA are to establish a legal vehicle of investment income for the artist by fulfilling needs of Organ Procurement Organizations.