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In the field with the biologists

once again we were out in the field with the STEAMing the River interdisciplinary project team this past weekend. we have been doing a seasonal recording of seven stations from the Escambia Bay to the Gulf. the surface water camera dolly (aka ‘the rig’) is doing fairly well. we performed some emergency repairs the week before because the joints were beginning to fail of the last trip. the water was very still; i am very glad the Fritz got us some wetsuits.

Florida Research Fellowship

frfI have been awarded the Florida Researcher Fellowship from UWF to seed fund my project Turbidity Paintings. I am very excited! The submersible ROVs are on order!

Lecture: Art as an Exo-Discipline

I gave a talk last week for the Experience UWF Downtown Lecture Series titled Art as an Exo-Discipline. It was an tremendous honor, thanks to Dr. Ford and everyone who contributed to the opportunity. I tried to unravel the methods of the interdisciplinary work I do. I attempted to discuss philosophy, the crises in working as a trans-disciplinarian, and then got to share several works.

A short interview I did with the radio station:  http://wuwf.org/post/uwf-professor-sees-art-exo-discipline